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At this point, all of the increment cores have been crossdated and verified and you should have a ring width measurement for every ring in every core that you collected.These data should be entered in to an Excel (or equivalent) spreadsheet for subsequent analysis.Unfortunately, any given tree may sometimes have a missing ring or a false ring present and therefore every ring we count thereafter is thrown off by one or two years.However, we can look for certain years that offer good "signals" (very thin or very wide rings) and identify them in each core and confirm they occur at the year they should in each core.I demonstrate methods used to help crossdate undated series, and offer tips on taking full advantage of the various options available in the program.

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This allowed scientists to mark exact calendar dates for each ring.It is important to note that COFECHA does not perform all the necessary steps in crossdating.Rather, the program is a tool that helps the dendrochronologist assess the quality of crossdating and measurement accuracy.The ultimate decision whether or not a tree-ring series is successfully crossdated must lie with the dendrochronologist and not with the software.Therefore, the program is most useful after initial crossdating is accomplished using visual or graphical techniques (such as skeleton plots), and the rings have been measured.

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